Verniana — Jules Verne Studies / Etudes Jules Verne — Volume 11 (2018–2020) — 67–102

Un « OXYGEN » en Grande Bretagne et aux USA, sans Offenbach !

Philippe Burgaud


The short story by Jules Verne A Fantasy of Doctor Ox was fortunate enough to be adapted into a burlesque show in Great Britain, at about the same time as the adaptation made in France by Gille and Mortier with Offenbach's music. And this show supported by “the queen of burlesque”, Lydia Thompson, will have great success in Great Britain first, then in the United States. Lydia Thompson was a singer, dancer, actress; she toured Europe and the United States. With her troupe the “British Blondes” she was very successful in America. Back in London her husband buys a theater and one of the first shows will be the creation of “Oxygen - or Gas in Burlesque Meter”. Adapted by two British specialists, R. Reece and H.-B. Farnie, who used to adapt successful European operettas and operas for London stages, the burlesque shape then fashionable suited the short story by Jules Verne. After London and a British tour, Lydia Thompson's troupe plays in various major American cities, and in the face of success this Oxygen will be taken over by other American theatrical companies as well. A brilliant adaptation for this Jules Verne short story.

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